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About us / Giới thiệu

Hanoi Pole Mania is the first pole dancing specialized studio in Hanoi, created and practiced since 2015 by a team of experienced and certified pole instructors
Hanoi Pole Mania là nơi luyện tập múa cột chuyên sâu đầu tiên tại Hà Nội, hoạt động từ năm 2015 bởi đội ngũ giáo viên được đào tạo và có kinh nghiệm giảng dạy chuyên về bộ môn múa cột.

Our core values are Excellence, Equality and Respect


At Hanoi Pole Mania we are willing to provide high quality dance and fitness classes. Our instructors are selected from the best and continuously trained to maintain the level. Students are encouraged to provide the best of themselves, dream for more and work to reach higher. All staff are always encouraged to share recommendations and improvement ideas. Excellence also means learning, not only from highly qualified guest instructors that we will invite at any opportunity, but also from each other. At Hanoi Pole Mania, we encourage sharing and exchange not only within our members but also with outside friends and guests.


At Hanoi Pole Mania, we believe in the value and potential of everyone regardless of gender, nationality, sexual orientation and social background. Differential treatment or consideration based on the above criteria won't be tolerated under any circumstances. There is no qualification filter to start learn pole dancing, we welcome any students regardless their shapes and sport background. Students can learn and progress in their own pace.


Respect means respect to others and to oneself. Hanoi Pole Mania members are kindly asked to show friendly and respectful attitude, not only towards instructors but also to other staff members and students. Beside, staff and students are expected to know and follow HPM code of conduct in respect to all others. Self-respect is also one of the most important value that Hanoi Pole Mania would like to promote. Our biggest satisfaction would be to see our students becoming stronger, not only physically but also mentally for you to feel more confident in yourself, love your body whichever shape it has, and, above all, believe in your capacities. As they often say, please don't ever let anyone who has failed in their dreams take your dreams away